DK Systems uses many different layers of defense in our mail server. We aim to lessen the amount of Spam found in your inbox. To do so we implement several security measures, these can sometimes slow the delivery time of email to your inbox.

Reducing Spam
Firewall, here we block addresses of some known Spamming IP addresses
Spam filtering high level
Spamassassin, with Spamassassin we look for patterns in email. For example, certain Top Level Domains (TLDs) and the signs of possible Ransomware emails
Abuse detection on the mail server, if someone is trying a password wrong to many times in a row we block their IP for several hours.
Greylisting, we tell the sending server to try again in 60 seconds. Most Spammers do not see this and do not try to resend the email. A well configured mail server will see this and retry at another time a few minutes later. If after 60 seconds you can have your send retry to send the email.

To assist you in not being listed as a Spammer
Email throttling. If you or someone else is sending out a large amount of email we throttle it so it will only send so much in a certain period of time. We have come across some accounts that were compromised and we were able to change the password and delete the email because it was in the holding queue.
SPF records, we work to make sure you have an SPF record.
A new feature we are implementing, but this takes time is DKIM and Domain signing. Domain signing is becoming obsolete, but we will still work to implement. This new feature is designed to help you not get flagged as a potential Spammer.